Firsthand account of deadly crash

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – We've uncovered new details about a deadly accident involving an SUV and a Richmond school bus. Police worked into the night trying to figure out exactly what happened at the intersection of Belmont and West Belmont Roads. They cleared the scene several hours after the wreck.

Sources told NBC12 the crash team made progress diagramming the accident Tuesday night.  They also were able to find several eyewitnesses to describe the wreck.

The moment Ray Wilson heard the noises, he knew it was bad.

"It was a boom, crash, boom, boom," he described. "It sounded like it rolled three or four times."

A Richmond city school bus stopped in its tracks and heart wrenching sobs from a red SUV filled the air.

"When I came on the scene I saw the car on the side and saw a man lying there on the side of the car," Wilson explained. "He was still breathing and he still had a pulse but you could tell he was drifting."

That passenger didn't make it.  Wilson said three children, two about a year old and another toddler-aged, somehow survived.

"I rushed out and yes they were really crying so we took them out of the car on the side and calmed them down," he told us. "The children didn't appear to be injured. Only the 5 or 6 year old was bleeding from the foot and head."

None of the six students on the Albert Hill Middle School bus were injured. Richmond's crash team spent hours examining exactly what role that bus played. From the lack of damage, it doesn't seem like there was any collision.

Wilson has lived on this corner for ten years. He said in that time he's seen three or four accidents at this intersection every year.

Police have not said if speed was a factor in this crash, but Wilson thinks no one obeys the 25mph speed limit around the curve. He wonders how many more lives will be lost before something changes.

"We figure sooner or later there are enough deaths or accidents that they will do something about it," he said. "A traffic light would really help."

Once the crash team issues its report on what exactly went down, the department will decide what, if any charges should be filed.

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