Man robs Shockoe store with butcher knife, mask

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Police are investigating an unusual robbery last night at a Shockoe Bottom convenience store. A masked man barged into the Shockoe Market on East Main Street with a butcher knife.

You don't often hear of someone using a butcher knife to rob a convenience store. The owner says this is the first time his store has ever been robbed.

Shockoe Bottom is full of restaurants and other businesses, but not too many convenience stores. One of the few is Shockoe Market.

Tony Borst has lived in Shockoe Bottom for more than twenty years and shops at Shockoe Market frequently. He says it's the place to go if you need to run to the store.

"There's no other place," Borst said. "Unless you go way up to the market or catch a bus and go way up town. This is it."

Tuesday police were back at the store, investigating the bizarre robbery that happened shortly before nine Monday night. A man barged in with a butcher knife.

An employee at the market says the robber came in, immediately jumped over the counter with the butcher knife and told her he did not want to hurt her, only wanted her to open the cash register.

The cashier did not put up a fight and the robber got away with an unknown amount of cash in a matter of moments.

Hearing someone targeted this market makes some shoppers angry.

"They're good people," Borst said. "They try to help everybody around here and for somebody to do that to them just ain't right."

Jenny Miller lives nearby. She says this is typically a safe area but crime like this can happen anywhere.

"We're not in the suburbs," Miller said. "We're in the city."

She says what puzzles her is the butcher knife.

"It is unusual," she said. "I mean who robs somewhere with a butcher knife? That's a random weapon of choice."

Right now police only have a vague description of the suspect. There are surveillance cameras inside the market but the robber had his face covered.

If you have any information, you can call Crime Stoppers and dial 780-1000. Your call is anonymous.

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