Hathcock agrees to community service

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – A resolution tonight in a sexual harassment case at Richmond City Hall. The top aide to the city council president has agreed to perform community service for his charges of misdemeanor sexual battery and assault against another council aide.

He's the liaison to the City Council President Kathy Graziano. 64-year-old David Hathcock now has community service duty ahead of him.

"My hope is that with these 100 hours, that he is actually taking the time to think about what he has done," said Jennifer Walle.

Jennifer Walle is the former aide to Councilman Bruce Tyler. She says Hathcock grabbed her-- pulled her onto a chair and tried to kiss her in city hall, last year.

"It was very difficult to go into work day after day. It was like, not only had David done this to me, but the fact that Kathy had allowed everything to continue," she said.

In a rare move, Judge David Eugene Cheek allowed our cameras in the courtroom. The hearing lasted less than 4 minutes.

Both sides asked for a delay so Hathcock could perform his part of the bargain, 100 hours of community service and sensitivity training. As for Walle? She's waiting to find out if she still has a job. Councilman Tyler told her she could go on a leave of absence, but the city has since said she's officially resigned.

Walle's also waiting to hear two words...I'm sorry.

"I would like an apology, a real apology and that never came to pass we also wanted some kind of personnel regulations put in place so this wouldn't happen to someone else again. That has still yet to come again," Walle said.

Hathcock had nothing to say leaving the courtroom. His attorney told us, he hoped the charges would be dismissed at a hearing in September.

If Hathcock has completed the sensitivity training and the community service, then the commonwealth will voluntarily drop the charges against him. Walle still has a $500,000 lawsuit pending against the city and Council President Kathy Graziano. A hearing on that case is scheduled for June, but no trial date is set.

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