Gas station owner arrested for selling K2

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – A Chesterfield store owner, busted for selling synthetic marijuana, is telling his side of the story tonight. Tanveer Mian, is charged with distribution of K2, also known as Spice. He's accused of selling the substance to an undercover officer at his store on West Hundred Road. He's not denying it at all and actually told NBC12 he had plenty of it to sell. But when Chesterfield Police came to arrest him, he argued that distributors told him it was perfectly legal to sell.

It's known as synthetic marijuana, K2 or Spice. But whatever you call it, as of this past March, it's now illegal in the state of Virginia. 57-year-old Tanveer Mian, found out the hard way, he was arrested for selling it at his Raceway gas station early last week.

"Did you know that it was illegal?" asked NBC12's Evrod Cassimy.

"No I did not know that," answered Mian. "A guy (finally) told me it was illegal."

We caught up with Mian as he and his wife were returning to work. They denied knowing about the new law.

"When the manufacturers company, they sold us, they gave us a letter certification--oh it's legal," said Mian.

According to a search warrant, police found five bags of K2 or Spice at the Raceway gas station and believe it or not this is not the first K2 arrest. There have been a number of them within the past two weeks. 12 people to be exact have been arrested for knowingly or intentionally possessing the synthetic marijuana in the county within the past few weeks.

Chesterfield Police are cracking down and have removed the additional bags of Spice for sale at the gas station. Mian still says he's not guilty.

"How did you feel when they arrested you?" asked Cassimy.

"What I say? First time in my life! I am 57," answered Mian. "First time that's happened to me!"

Police busted him when they say he sold the substance to an undercover detective at his store. He was released on bond. Mian told NBC12 he used to sell Four Loko and his distributor told him some of those have been banned. He wants to know why no one informed him K2 was illegal as well.

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