Speed humps to be installed on roads notorious for speeders

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -- The city of Richmond is stepping up to add in some speed humps on some roads that are notorious for having speeders. The work begins today and goes until the end of June.

Fraiser Martin vows he never speeds. But that doesn't mean he hasn't seen his far share of speeders during the six years he's lived in his Southside neighborhood. "They come through here just flying."

He lives along Powell Road. Not too far away from the intersection of Linwood Avenue where one of the new speed humps will soon be built.

"Anything to slow down the traffic. Anything. It's a wonder more people don't get hit," Martin said.

There are several other spots in the city soon to see this work too, including parts of Walton and Noble avenues on the Northside and along parts of Powell Road, White Oak Drive, Clearfield Street, Orcutt Lane and Leicester Road on the Southside.

Those streets are in residential areas, and its all an effort to slow down the drivers and add some safety to the streets.

Lamont Kezzie doesn't see too many speeders along Powell Road. But he's in favor of the work. "You need to go a little bit slower. I don't think the people living here will have a problem with people going a little slower."

Here's why. We pulled out our radar gun along Orcutt near Brinkwood. Soon a speed hump will go near the intersection too. The speed limit is 30. The first car we caught, was going 46.

Get this: We actually found multiple drivers going 54 miles per hour. That's 24 miles per hour over the speed limit.

On average people were going about 10 miles per hour faster than they should here. It's exactly what Fraiser sees, all too often. "I don't think it'll stop it. But it'll slow it down!"

WHO:  City of Richmond Department of Public Works
WHAT:  Street Closure
WHEN:  Monday, May 9 through Thursday, June 30


  • - Walton Avenue near Hawthorne and Moss Side Avenue
  • - Noble Avenue near Walton Avenue
  • - Leicester Road near Argall Street, Westwick Drive and Bondsor Lane
  • - White Oak Drive near Pauls Lane
  • - Powell Road near Linwood Avenue
  • - Clearfield Street near Limestone Drive
  • - Orcutt Lane near Kimrod Road, Brinkwood Drive and Mandy Lane

BACKGROUND:  Portions of the aforementioned streets will be closed during the installation of speed humps.  No specific order for the installation has been determined.