Gas prices are on the rise again

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The hunt for the cheapest gas prices won't get you very far. At about $3.85 a gallon at most gas stations, some people can't even afford to fill up all the way.

According to AAA - Virginians paid about $183 a month on gas back in April of 2009 - compare that to last month when they paid, about $423.

To put it in percentages - on average you used to spent about 4 percent of your monthly paycheck on gas two years ago. Now, you spend almost 9 percent of your monthly paycheck to fill up.

"I don't like paying $4.20 a gallon but if I wanna drive my car I have to pay it. You still need to go to work, you still need to do what you need to do," said Wilfredo Palau.

"I definitely don't use my AC anymore, even if it's like 80 degrees outside I will roll down my windows. I don't care....AC is just way too expensive and I don't take the highway as often anymore, so that's what I do, cut back," said Michelle Tran.

Tomorrow afternoon, the governor will be at the Shell gas station on Gaskins Road in Henrico. He plans to talk about the need to generate more energy domestically.

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