Cuccinelli tweet on Bin Laden death causes controversy

RICHMOND (WWBT)-  It's another example of how Virginia's Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli attracts attention with very little effort.

A tweet about the death of Osama Bin Laden is causing controversy on the internet.

"how much would i give to be one of the 72 virginans osama is 'hanging out' with since sunday?" Cuccinelli wrote.

Except "Virginians" is spelled wrong, leading some people in the twitterverse to wonder if the Attorney General had something else in mind.

Immediately opponents of Cuccinelli started to draw "inappropriate" conclusions, while his supporters rushed to his defense.

Cuccinelli was referencing a Robin Williams joke. In the comedian's story, Bin Laden arrives in Heaven to find 72 "Virginians" like Patrick Henry and George Washington, not 72 virgins like the terror leader was rumored to promise his al Qaeda suicide bombers.

The AG's attempt at humor turned into a fodder for liberal bloggers, and even turned into a story on the Huffington Post.

He later attempted to clarify, but didn't realize his spelling mistake from the first tweet.

"It seems some were confused by my earlier tweet. Read it closely:...72 Virginians... (Not a typo, ie, people who live in Virginia...)"

Of course not enough to quell his critics, but an indication of how everything he says, and tweets becomes news.

Cuccinelli wasn't the only one to re-hash the Robin Williams's joke. A twitter search of "72 virginans" reveals hundreds of other examples of people using the same joke.

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