Powhatan shootings left one dead, one hurt

POWHATAN, VA (WWBT) - We've uncovered new details about a deadly shooting in an otherwise peaceful, Powhatan neighborhood.

Detectives spent most of Tuesday night and Wednesday morning working the case on Old Confederate Cemetery Road. One man was killed, another hurt. The sheriff's office is being tight-lipped.

It's the first homicide in the county this year. Neighbors shared frightening details about the crime they believe may be gang related. One said it sounded like a war zone outside his house.

Basie Saunders was about to call it a night, when a terrifying sound jolted him out of bed.

"A lot of pop, pop, pop, pop, then a few second delay; then I heard it again," said Saunders.

The shots came from down the street, just past the Huguenot Springs Confederate Cemetery. Another neighbor said when he first heard the shots he actually thought a homeowner was protecting their livestock from a predator. Saunders wasn't quite sure either.

"I couldn't imagine what it was so I cut my police scanner on and listened and heard them say homicide," said Saunders.

Less than 24 hours later, the only evidence of a crime scene, a piece of yellow tape and a lone detective snapping some daylight photos.

It was about 11 p.m. Tuesday night, when 911 dispatchers received a call from Saunders' neighbor who answered a knock at his door by a man who said he'd been shot. Neighbors heard the survivor moaning and yelling as emergency responders left for the hospital.

"The guy was bleeding and spitting blood and the whole nine yards," said Saunders.

Authorities found a second man dead. Police haven't released a motive, but Saunders said a dark country road may have been a backdrop for a city crime.

"My neighbor called me and told me it was kind of a gang related thing and they came out in this rural area to do their dirty work," said Saunders.

At last check, the sheriff's office said the wounded man is still alive, but in critical condition.

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