Caged girl's father in Gloucester court

GLOUCESTER, VA (WWBT) - New developments in the case of parents accused of killing one of their children and caging another one.

Brian Gore faced a Gloucester County judge this morning. He and his wife, Shannon, are charged with murdering a young child -- then burying the body under a shed.

Investigators say they also caged a daughter in her crib -- and left her naked to starve in her own waste.

We now know that the starving young girl who was found locked in a crib is six years old.  She is currently in the hospital. The child only weighs 16 pounds.

Brian Scott Gore, 29, stands accused of murder and felony child neglect. He did not request bond knowing he'd likely not get it.

Gloucester County Commonwealth's Attorney Bob Hicks says the case is the worst he's seen.

"You haven't seen the pictures. If you saw the pictures you would cry. You would cry. I'm not going to try the case on TV but it's the worst thing I've seen since I've been prosecutor," he said.

Shannon Gore, 25, was brought to the courthouse, but did not appear in court because she too is not asking for bond, and had already lined up an attorney for her defense.

"We have to tell our story in front of a jury. I can't tell you our story but believe me there are two sides to this story," said defense attorney Ron Smith.

In court documents it appears Brian Gore has been more forthcoming with information. He told investigators the daughter had been kept in a crib he made into a cage for almost a year, and the daughter can't walk because of that. And he said Shannon gave the daughter a pop tart in the morning and one in the evening.

"I can't tell you about his statements or his credibility or his motivation. I don't know what has prompted him to say what he said or if it's true," Smith said.

On the county side, everyone seems emotional about this case.

"Everybody who has had a part of this case is our officers are coming off of tornado duty and then to deal with something like this it's really rocked our community," Hicks said.

The Gores remain behind bars and are expected back in court in August for a preliminary hearing.

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