American Red Cross volunteers net $3,400 in Call12 Center

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -- This morning, NBC12 had volunteers from the American Red Cross in our Call12 Center. The volunteers were able to raise about $3,400 from your donations.

You will have a chance to donate this evening as well. Volunteers will be in the center from 4-7 p.m. this evening. All of the money raised will go to the disaster relief efforts of the Red Cross. That including, giving money to those devastated by the tornados across the country.

Homes scattered about and lives torn apart. There were hundreds killed, from the storms in the south to right here in the Commonwealth.

We also were able to obtain some surveillance video. At the height of the storm in Washington County -- a truck being lifted from the ground and smashed right into a convenience store.

Also, earlier in April, there was devastation in Dinwiddie. "Everybody in this neighborhood is close knit and we help each other out like we're family so it's one of those things you help others they help you," says Brian Miller.

Now you are helping people like Brian and his community.

Throughout the day, you have been calling into our Call12 Center where Red Cross volunteers are standing by, taking donations from you, to help those suffering from those deadly tornados.

During our morning show-- you donated thousands to disaster relief. That includes helping the tornado victims, exactly what Jonathan McNamara and his team at the Richmond Red Cross need. That is especially true now that he says red cross resources are spread thin.

"We need donations to train our staff and volunteers and also to purchase resources so that we can respond at a moments notice for those that need us," says Jonathan.

That need is expected to go up, making these donations even more critical.

In fact, May is typically one of the busiest times of year for these volunteers, who need the resources to help in a moments notice.

"It's been incredibly inspiring and amazing to find that energy level when you don't think you have it," says Jonathan.

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