7-year-old girl kept in crib box for a year

GLOUCESTER, VA (WWBT) - Disturbing new details in a child abuse case in Gloucester County. Two parents are accused of keeping a young child caged, naked, starving, and covered in her own waste.

Thursday, deputies found the girl inside a mobile home on Carrie Lane. Then late Friday, investigators found remains of another child buried in the ground. A 1-month old -- who was also in the home -- is in protective custody, and both Brian & Shannon Gore are behind bars.

Court papers reveal, the six or seven year old girl lived in a cage made out of a crib. Detectives found the child nude laying in feces, which was also in her hair. She was suffering from bed sores and severe starvation.

The mother claims the child has Downs syndrome and cerebral palsy, and according to the court papers kept her in the cage to calm her.

Neighbors are dumbfounded. The child got one pop-tart in the morning and one in the evening it is unsure if Brian Gore is the natural father. He admitted to investigators he built the makeshift top that turned her crib into a cage.

The parents are charged with felony child neglect, attempted capital murder, and capital murder for the child's remains found in the back yard. They'll appear in court tomorrow.

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