9/11 memorial celebration planned Saturday

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – It is perfect timing for this weekend's "Heroes on the Hill" event. The 9/11 memorial has been in the works for months, long before any news broke of Osama bin Laden's death. We had already planned on telling you about this event. It was originally supposed to raise awareness about a public safety memorial. After last night, however, it has taken on new meaning.

The Patriot Flag has traveled from Alaska to Nashville and even nearby Chesterfield. It is patriotism on a massive scale. The 30 x 57.5 ft of red, white and blue are touring the country.  On Saturday, the flag will be raised at the State Capitol in a ceremony planned by Cindy Sheaffer and Shawn Gregory.

"I think that amidst something of that magnitude, it's awe inspiring," Gregory explained. "It's incredible. I think it conjures up images that people need to have in the forefront of their mind."

Two Richmond Fire trucks will fly the flag. There'll be music, food and education.

Two of the speakers are actual 9/11 survivors. They're New York City firefighters who were trapped in the rubble when the towers collapsed. Both lived to tell their stories.

"Being the 10th anniversary, I think it's good to help people remember the victims and why we've been fighting a war for the past ten years," Sheaffer said.

The timing couldn't be better. Gregory thinks after Sunday night's announcement, Saturday will be a celebration of a victory in the War on Terror.

"I think people want to come out and celebrate these events and I think people are happy about this," he said. "And I think this event will be a very fitting place for people to come."

The event is at the Capitol this Saturday. It starts at noon and goes until three o'clock.

Then on September 11th of this year the tenth anniversary of the attacks, the Patriot Flag will fly at all three sites--New York, Pennsylvania and Washington DC.

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