Debate over "Gun Checks Act" comes to Richmond

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Richmond's mayor and several local lawmakers threw their support Monday behind fixing loopholes in the nation's gun background check system. A national campaign came to City Hall this afternoon in support of a bill currently before Congress.

James Curtis Seay's death four years ago in Southside still haunts his mother and aunt.

"He was robbed. Three punks robbed him and they shot him twice. They killed him for no reason. And to this day our families destroyed," said Laverne Seay-Brown.

They came to the steps of City Hall Monday, to share their tears and heart break. And garner support for a bill before Congress.

"I wanted to share what happened to him and try to get involved with anything that support non-violence," Andrea Jones said.

They are supporting a national campaign to fix to the gun background check system.

"We are not interested in violating anybody's second amendment rights, but we are interested in keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, out of the hands of drug abusers, and out of the hands of criminals," said Mayor Dwight Jones.

The campaign brings a traveling billboard from city to city across America, counting the number of deaths since the mass shooting in Arizona.

The campaign also brought out dozens who are against changes to the background check system. Many of them wore their second amendment right on their hips.

"It's going to limit our ability to be able to purchase guns in the long run or to sell guns. If I want to pass it to my son they're going to say he has to pass a background check too," said Keith Swinney.

Opponents say it's 'important not to make it difficult to have a weapon to protect themselves.

For the Seay family, they wonder if a background check could have made a difference for James.

"It's so many people that's going around the system to get those guns. And we can't get them off the street," Laverne added.

The Fix Gun Checks Act is before both houses of Congress. No date has been set for a vote.

The fix gun checks campaign was in Blacksburg on the Virginia Tech campus over the weekend. From Richmond, the campaign now heads to Boston.

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