Deputies find child’s body in parents’ backyard

GLOUCESTER, VA (WWBT) - A child abuse investigation is underway after an infant's body is found buried in the backyard of a home. That child is just one of three children involved in this case.

On Friday, there was a constant flow of police activity at this mobile home park in Gloucester. Sheriff's Deputies have been focused on a mobile home where they said they found a mother and father abusing their little girl.

"It's horrible, I don't see how someone could do that at all."

Investigators came to a home on Carrie Lane working on a burglary case when they were here they found a girl, five or six years old, trapped in a crib with a piece of wood covering it.

"I couldn't imagine being that baby and being in that crib like that."

Investigators say the little girl was nude and covered in her own feces. She was also suffering from starvation. Tonight she's recovering in Norfolk.

The little's girl's parents, Brian and Shannon Gore, were arrested and charged with felony child abuse. Shannon Gore also faces a charge of attempted capital murder. Neighbors thought the parents only had one child, a baby just a month old.

"I knew they had a new baby. I didn't even know if it was a boy or girl," said neighbor, Danny Blackwell. "I thought it was their first child."

You can see investigators bringing out the crib, now in pieces. They then turned their attention to the back yard shed. They started digging and searching for something in the ground. And we're told they found a child.

"I tell ya, in my twenty-years I've never seen anything like this situation," said Dep. Darrel Warren from the Gloucester Sheriff's Department. "It's very difficult for all our investigators... they've done an outstanding job holding it."

The one-month-old baby boy is in good condition. Investigators are still working on this case. We'll bring you more updates on air and online as they become available.

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