Henrico mother marks one year since daughter's disappearance

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - An emotional plea from a Henrico mother as she marks one year since her daughter's mysterious disappearance.

21-year-old Arianna "Peaches" Davis  vanished last April 30th. Her mother fears the worst, but is trying to keep her hopes up. Her parents plan to hold an uplifting service on Sunday. But more than anything, Zandra and Lawrence Ford tell me they want their daughter back home safely.

The hope is that someone will have the heart to step forward with answers they've been praying for. To not know for a year what happened to her daughter is crushing.

"We need some closure. We need to know where she is. We'd like to see her home," said Zandra Ford.

The stakes are high.

"Right now we're marked at $2,000 in the bank. They don't know, but the church is going to match that $2,000," said Pastor Benjamin Harris with St. Stephen's Baptist Church.

Until this moment, Peaches' parents had no idea the reward had doubled.

"Thank you," said Zandra tearfully.

Lawrence drives around with his daughter's picture on his mini-van. He scans every corner.

"Look in cars, look in busses, people walking," said Lawrence Ford.

Peaches' 21st birthday passed in December, but it wasn't forgotten.

"I just thought about her all day," said Zandra Ford.

It was just after one o'clock in the afternoon last April 30th when Peaches was last seen at the J Express Mart on Nine Mile Road.

"We haven't heard from the police department in about four or five months," said Lawrence Ford.

Henrico police said the first four months were intensive, with grid and cadaver dog searches. To this day, the case is open and active. More exposure can't hurt.

"Maybe somebody who did not want to share something they knew last year, now are in a position they can share something," said Pastor Harris.

"In my heart and mind I know she's not here," said Zandra Ford.

But Zandra holds out hope.

"I know someone knows where she is or what happened. I know someone knows. It's not possible for someone not to know," said Zandra Ford.

A special service will be held for peaches this weekend. It's Sunday at 3 P.M. at St. Stephen's Baptist Church. That's located at 505 North 33rd Street in Church Hill.  Everyone is welcome.

If you have information about Peaches, call Henrico investigator Joe Schihl at 501-4859, you don't have to leave your name.

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