Busy Storm Season

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - This has been one of the deadliest tornado seasons the country has ever seen. Just second to the tornado outbreak in 1974.

There were over 160 reports of tornados in the last week and a half. The death toll has reached 269.

In Virginia – Goochland, Farmville, Halifax, Smyth County and Caroline County all reported possible tornadoes last night. The national weather service confirmed 5 tornados for the entire state.

That's on top of the 11 confirmed tornados in Virginia less than 2 weeks ago.

But compared to previous years, this wasn't so bad.

Remember the tropical storms in 2004? 69 tornados hit Virginia in a span of three weeks.

"This reminds us in fact this is the time when it could get really bad," said NBC 12 Chief Meteorologist, Jim Duncan.

Duncan says, it's not over yet.

"It is safe to say it's not over yet because as we go through mid May, we're going to see many more times where it's going to be severe weather," said Duncan.

So, how prepared are you?

"When a tornado warning is issued people need to take it seriously, the safest place is the lowest level, the lowest level of a sturdy building," said Laura Southard with the Virginia Department of Emergency Management.

That means, if you live upstairs of an apartment, or in a mobile home, or even in a house built on stilts, you better seek other shelter.

The safest place in your home could be your hallway or your coat closet. You just want to make sure you're away from the windows and have enough interior wall space surrounding you during a tornado.

Definitely don't go under trees and if you're driving, get out and get down to the ground.

If you want help preparing for the next storm, go to readyvirginia.gov.

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