Where are you most likely to get a parking ticket in Richmond?

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Where are you most likely to get a parking ticket in Richmond? Last year, the city ticketed more than 128,000 vehicles.

According to our research, this is parking enforcement's favorite place to write tickets... downtown near City Hall and the MCV Campus. You are more likely to get a ticket here than anywhere else in the city.

Time is the enemy when finding a spot for your car in Richmond's downtown.

"I was really, really hot that 40 dollars is getting on my nerves. You hear me. They need to stop it," added Shandi Davis-Taylor.

"I have not but my daughter got one in my car. I just found out about it last week. 70 dollars!!!! Ok," said Kim Allison.

Parking enforcement will get you if you're in a loading zone too long, don't feed the meter or parked illegally.

Last year the city raked in $4.3 million from parking tickets.

"We were able to generate more money simply by having more resources," said Public Works spokesperson Sharon North.

There are dozens of men and women walking the city's 23 parking beats.

We tracked down a list of where every parking ticket was handed out in the city. Broke down the numbers and found out where the parking enforcers are on the hunt.

500 North 10 Street is at the top of our list. There are 31 spaces on the block. It's just larger than a football field, we measured.

And it's the biggest money maker for the city. Last year 1,857 tickets were issued here, making this block worth, nearly $63,000. That's $7 and 19 cents an hour.

When asked, "Does it surprise you, about the 500 block of North 10th street?" Gail Sublett laughed and said, "No, because I have two of them! I'm down here every Wednesday and it's hard to find a place to park. And than you do find one and the meter's not working."

One block over... 500, North 11th Street, at the VCU Medical Center... Second most tickets, 1,817.

"It's not hard to believe. People are looking for parking spaces, so they just park anywhere that they can park. So they risk getting a ticket," said Dee Hill.

Drive around City Hall, the John Marshall Courthouse and the MCV Campus and you're in the danger zone for picking up a ticket.

Leave downtown for the Fan, specifically around the VCU campus, and your chances of getting a ticket are equally high.

On the 800 and 900 blocks of West Franklin alone, the city handed out a total of 3,166 yellow slips. Those who park these blocks every day, were not shocked.

"If you look around, every two seconds you see a different, like right in front of us is the no parking... bus stop, no parking church activities there's just so many restriction that it kind of makes sense," said Qasim Kazmi, a VCU student.

When asked, "Have you gotten a ticket?." VCU student Sara Oh replied, "Yeah, I get a lot here. It gets expensive if you think about it. it's $40, $60, it all depends. I think my first semester here I think I paid like 300 bucks."

If you're wondering, Southside, Jackson Ward, Church Hill, Carytown, Northside... Didn't even register in our research. To see this for yourself.

We've google-mapped where the majority of parking tickets were handed out. It's an interactive feature that allows you to click on several spots and see just how many parking tickets were written.

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