Suspect in pregnant woman's death guilty of speeding, marijuana possession

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA (WWBT) - The man suspected of killing a pregnant woman in Henrico last month has been found guilty on two charges stemming from a traffic stop the morning of the murder, but before he was named a suspect.

Gregory L. Nelson, Jr., was found guilty of marijuana possession and speeding. The judge imposed fines of $182 along with a 30 day suspended jail sentence.

Nelson, a married father, is accused of killing his pregnant mistress, Susana Cisneros, 24, last month. Her body was found March 9 behind a Hardee's restaurant near Willow Lawn.

According to testimony Thursday by a Chesterfield County police officer, the traffic stop took place March 9 at approximately 1:30am. Nelson was pulled over for driving 67 in a 45 mph zone. He was driving without pants on and "had substantial blood" on his body, including his face and hands, according to the officer's testimony. After detecting an odor of marijuana, the officer then searched Nelson's vehicle and found a metal pipe that was later determined to have traces of marijuana, according to testimony.

The reason for Nelson, 27, being covered in blood was not discussed during the ten minute hearing. However, according to court papers filed last month in North Carolina, Nelson told the Chesterfield officer a story of how he stabbed a would-be robber in Richmond. The same court papers indicate Chesterfield police seized a knife from Nelson's vehicle during the traffic stop before allowing him to go on his way.

It remained unexplained why Nelson, who later that day would be named a suspect in the murder, was permitted by Chesterfield Police to go home. He eventually fled to North Carolina and Florida, where he was arrested days later by the U.S. Marshal's Service.

Nelson, now at the Henrico jail, is scheduled to go on trial for first degree murder the week of October 24th.

Nelson remained quiet during the morning proceeding, mouthing only the words, "I love you" to his wife, seated by herself in the front row.

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