Contractor convicted for taking payment for incomplete jobs

Clayton Duty
Clayton Duty

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – An unlicensed contractor arrested for taking money for jobs he didn't do has been found guilty of practicing his trade without a valid license.

The victim is homeowner, James Hicks. He's one of several seeking restitution from Clayton Duty, the unlicensed contractor convicted in Richmond General District Court and ordered to pay the homeowner.

"I was given a court order and he is to pay restitution for $5,100," said Hicks.

$5,100 is what Clayton Duty is suppose to pay but, a judgment is no guarantee homeowner James Hicks will collect. Especially since the unlicensed contractor was already in jail. An investigator with the state department of professional and occupational regulation spells it out in a letter what the homeowner can do, if duty fails to make restitution.

"I have the recourse of taking civil action putting liens against his property or anything he has," he said.

Hicks hired Clayton Duty to fix his AC unit and upgrade his home's electrical system from fuses to a circuit breaker.

"He never did any of the work," Hicks said.

My earlier 12 on Your Side investigations prompted two businesses to help.

"That's the restriction in the system right there. Just absolutely crushes efficiency and shortens the system's life," said Michael Flanagan, H-Vac Manager with Michael & Son Services.

Michael and Son Services will repair his furnace and install a new AC unit charging Hicks only for labor.

"We work with our suppliers and we've got a very generous owner who wants to be involved in the community as much as he can," Flanagan added.

Kevin Blunt of "Atlee Electrical" took care of the electrical upgrade at no cost back in January.

"You all were instrumental in doing a lot of the investigation and I guess using your muscle to get people to answer questions I couldn't'," said Hicks.

Clayton Duty returns to court on another charge in May. The last time we talked, he told me he was on his way to the station to tell his side of the story in person. He never showed up. Clayton Duty is locked up at Riverside Regional Jail right now on charges ranging from felony narcotics possession, to felony larceny.

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