UPDATE: Dozens displaced by apartment fire

RICHMOND, VA ( WWBT) - Food left unattended on the stove is what caused an early morning apartment fire in Chesterfield. Fire crews said the fire started on the second floor.

It started just after 3 a.m. Tuesday  morning at the Colonial Ridge apartment complex, just off Jeff Davis Highway.

Investigators say the fire started when someone left oil burning on the stove and fell asleep.

One building, with 12 apartments, caught fire.

Six people, two adults and four children, were trapped and had to be rescued.

They were taken to VCU Medical Center, but they are going to be okay.

One Chesterfield firefighter was also taken to the hospital around 7:30 because of a minor back injury. He should be okay, as well.

A total of 44 people were affected by the fire, and are being assisted by Red Cross.

Stephen Lee quickly sprung into action when he saw the huge fire. "I had to run through the fire, knock on everyone's door while the building was on fire. It was hard to breathe and it was crazy."

He went door to door in the middle of some massive flames. "Some people jumped from windows on the second floor. It was just crazy. I've never seen anything like it."

Marquez Taylor is one of the people who was forced to leave everything behind. "It hits you all at once. The smoke, the heat, and you're scared and you don't know which way to go."

"I am not a hero. I've grown up here my whole life. I know all the people in that building. This is like saving my family," says Lee.

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