Big break in home burglary crime spree in Ashland and Hanover

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - A big break in a rash of home burglaries in Ashland and Hanover county. Two men and a woman are now in custody.

We've confirmed at least six homes were hit--- all during the day. Three in the town of Ashland, three in the county.

One couple lost about $40,000 worth of gold jewelry, including some sentimental pieces he may never get back. He and his wife didn't know anyone had been in their home, until she went to accessorize.

Truman Parmele said he feels violated after strangers rummaged through his house when he was out of town.

"It was a good job. They cleaned it out pretty good," said Parmele.

Gold necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings all stolen, along with a watch close to his heart.

"An antique watch - we couldn't find it. Had been in the family 100 years. It was my grandfather's," said Parmele.

This trio is accused of hitting at least six homes between March and April. Authorities said detectives in Ashland and Hanover started comparing notes when a lead developed within the last week.

"We had some information from one of the victims when he discovered his residence had been broken into. He had an idea of who may have been involved in this," said Lt. James Shelhorse with Ashland Police.

Ashland authorities said the crime spree started on N. Snead Street where two of the suspects live.

"They were definitely familiar with the first victim in this situation," said Lt. Shelhorse.

From there, authorities said the suspects moved north and west in rural Hanover.

"There's a good chance they were watching to make sure nobody was there," said Lt. Shelhorse.

Something to think about as vacation season fast approaches.

"Make sure you keep your neighbors aware if you're going out of town, so they can keep an eye on your house. Make sure police know," said Lt. Shelhorse.

Parmele said his alarm wasn't on the day the suspects came in through his kitchen window. Lt. Shelhorse said the burglary suspects sold some of their loot. Parmele said he's checked two pawn shops already, but can't find his grandfather's watch.

"Very sentimental to us but at the same time we were glad we weren't here too," said Parmele.

Parmele said several other pieces have been recovered. One suspect will be in court later this month. The other two face a judge in May. Investigators said they're looking into whether they're responsible for any other crimes.

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