Police hunting for one gunman who may have hit two stores

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Police are on the hunt for one man, who may be responsible for a crime spree that spans two counties.

These are surveillance photos of him hitting a store on E. Hundred Road in Chesterfield just before seven Tuesday night. Police in Goochland think he also hit a store there, less than two hours later.

Amy Rodman works at the Chesterfield store. She said the man is a regular customer.

Goochland authorities tell me they're talking with Chesterfield detectives about another robbery the same night by a man with a close resemblance.

Still shaken by a robbery four weeks ago, Rodman now asks this of her Nash Mart customers.

"Can you take your sunglasses off for me please?" said Rodman.

She does it for a better surveillance picture. This man got the same treatment Tuesday night.

"It caught me as odd but I didn't think anything because, of course, he was a regular," said Rodman.

Rodman said he left the store but returned an hour after her shift ended. This time with a gun, possibly a toy. Her boss and another clerk were manning the registers. The man ran off after that clerk tried to swat at his gun.

"My boss said it looked more like a Wii video game gun," said Rodman.

Rodman said all the man wanted was the synthetic hallucinogen known as "bath salt" which was sold here and kept behind the register before it became illegal in Virginia.

"He would come in about three to four times a week and buy it," said Rodman.

Later that night, shortly after eight, Goochland investigators believe the same man robbed Taylor's Country Market on River Road West.

Investigators said the man who walked into the convenience store had a gun that resembled the one in the first robbery, it was even wrapped the same way in a white paper towel. The robber got away with money.

Back in Chester, Rodman is thinking twice about staying in her line of work. Last month, she had a gun pointed at her chest during a separate robbery. She said evidence from a cookie landed that crook in jail.

"I'm still shaking. It's something that's very hard to get over," said Rodman.

If you have information about the Chesterfield attempted robbery call Crime Solvers at 748-0660, or the Goochland robbery, call Crime Stoppers at 780-1000.

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