10 tornadoes confirmed among weekend storms

DINWIDDIE, VA (WWBT, AP) - Bill Sammler of  the National Weather Service has been spending the past few days investigating in eastern Virginia -- surveying the wreckage after Saturday's tornado.

The National Weather Service has confirmed several additional tornadoes swept through Virginia over the weekend.

As of Tuesday, the weather service confirmed 10 tornadoes of varying severity. The most powerful of Saturday's tornadoes was the deadly twister that swept through Gloucester County and also hit parts of Surry, Lunenburg and Mathews counties. Weather service officials said that storm packed winds of 136 to 165 mph.

"In this case, we were certain…that we were dealing with tornadoes," he said.

No doubt here, when I saw the damage in Dinwiddie County first hand,  I could see it's clearly from a tornado -- and big one too with a wide path of destruction.  The trees are all knocked over in different directions.

There's another sign. When we see bare wood, with bark peeled off trees like a banana, we think tornado!

It's a reminder that although large tornados like this are rare in this part of the country, they can occur and you should take it seriously when a warning is issued.

Tornadoes also were confirmed in Augusta, Dinwiddie, Halifax, Isle of Wight, Loudoun, Middlesex and Rockbridge counties. Weather service officials are continuing to verify other possible tornadoes.

The state Department of Emergency Management said Tuesday that the chief medical examiner's office has confirmed five storm-related fatalities. Two other deaths reported by local officials weren't attributable to the severe weather.

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