Police boost patrols after two homes shot overnight

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A dozen bullet holes are proof of not one, but two terrifying nights for a Chesterfield family. That family lives in one of two neighborhoods where police are boosting patrols. Shots went into two homes. The first is in the 7400 block of Summertree Drive. The second home is in the 6700 Block of Mason Valley Drive.

Gregory Staples, who lives at the home on Summertree Drive said he doesn't why his family is being targeted. All three of the top windows on the split-level home were shot multiple times. Two of the windows are in bedrooms, the other is in the living room. How no one was hit, Staples said, is unbelievable.

Gregory Staples is exhausted and paranoid as he explained what happened. "Two nights in a row, shot up the crib, shot up the house."

Inside he took NBC12 on a tour of the home. At one point Staples reached up to the ceiling. He pointed out several black holes. Bullets pierced through the ceiling, windows and bedroom doors.

"All together 12 holes in the house," Staples counted. During Thursday night's shooting one bullet flew threw his uncles room, six inches above where his head rested on the bed.

"He'll be sleeping like this. And the bullet hole came right here." (Who do you think is doing this to you?) "I have no idea. It's so random because we don't mess with anybody. Nobody in my house messes with nobody. It's either elderly people or younger people living in my house," said Staples.

Three young children and his grandmother were moved out of the house Friday. Gunmen first shot up the place Wednesday night, then again Thursday night.

About 3 hours after Thursday's shooting, and 2 miles down the road, people in Mason Woods said they jumped out of bed when they said they heard at least six gun blasts.

Police said another home, that one in Mason Woods subdivision was busted by bullets. No injuries there, but fear now runs through both neighborhoods.

"We want this to stop," said neighbor Vivian Hamilton. "Just like your neighborhood, you wouldn't want this to happen in your neighborhood."

Vivian Hamilton is currently watching three grandchildren while her son-in-law fights in Afghanistan. She can't believe the streets of Chesterfield sound like a war zone. She won't sleep until the case is closed.

"What are we supposed to do," questioned Hamilton. "We have to do something. We can't be like, oh okay gunshots again in the neighborhood."

NBC12 checked in with Chesterfield police. Investigators said these crimes are isolated and neighbors should not be worried. But if you see something suspicious call police 748-0660.

Chesterfield police said it's too early to tell if the two shootings are connected. Neighbors said they saw multiple gunmen getaway on foot.

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