Goochland landfill expansion approved

ROCKVILLE, VA (WWBT) - Plans to expand a landfill near Short Pump took another step forward Thursday. The 623 landfill is off Ashland Road in Goochland County, not far from the Henrico County line.

Thursday afternoon, a request to add six acres got regional approval.

More trash usually means more problems for people that live near a landfill, but people near this landfill in Goochland County say they have no problem with it getting bigger.

Trucks continuously come in and out of this landfill in Rockville, hauling thousands of tons of construction and demolition debris -- and more could be coming.

The expansion would be about the size of a large retail parking lot. Berkeley Garnett lives a mile down the road from the landfill. He says living near the dump isn't so bad.

"I have no objection to it," he said.  "We have to put our trash somewhere or another. We don't expand this one, I don't know where it would go, but this is more convenient to a lot of people in this area."

Brenda Cassell moved into a home across the street from the landfill a few months ago. She says she expected the trucks to be a problem.

"With the big trucks, that's the thing that concerned us if anything did," she said.  "They're very courteous. No problems with the big rigs coming in and the dump trucks and stuff like that."

Garnett's house is right on the highway near the landfill. He hasn't run into any problems either.

"Hasn't bothered me and I've lived here 20 years," he said.

What about any nasty smells from the dump?

"We were here in the heat really bad and it was pleasant," Cassell said.   "There wasn't any odors or anything. We didn't even know it was there unless you see the trucks."

The expansion will add almost two more years to the life of the landfill.  A new recycling center on site will add about five to seven jobs too.

"We just feel like at this point and time, with the economy, I think it's a good thing for anybody to expand," Cassell said.

The Goochland County Board of Supervisors already approved the expansion. Officials at the landfill say that was the biggest hurdle with this expansion.

The expansion was approved by the Richmond Regional Planning District Commission Thursday. It still needs the OK from the Department of Environmental Quality.

Construction could start in the next few months.

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