Man accused of stealing vehicles with a tow truck

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Richmond police are searching for a man accused of using a tow truck to steal cars.

Take a good look at the picture of 26-year-old Baseer Jackson. Police tell us they believe he's responsible for a dozen car thefts over the last thirty days.

Police have seen this kind of crime before, but just not recently. In this case, detectives have actually spoken with Jackson and asked him to surrender. But were told to come find him!

Police said a flat bed tow truck is his crime tool. 12 cars in thirty days. Most stolen south of the James under the cover of darkness.

"He either tows them through his tow truck, or calls a tow company fraudulently and says he has the contract for the area and car needs to be towed," said Richmond Police Lt. Bill Kelly.

Police believe the tow truck Jackson uses may have "JR Towing" on the side.

"The car is towed to a scrap yard where he provides bogus information and the car is destroyed for scrap," said Lt. Kelly.

A lucrative crime said Joe Marlowe.

"The average car, no matter what shape it's in, the cars worth anywhere from $350 to $600," said Marlowe.

Marlowe owns Mr. Tow. He showed us just how quickly a car can disappear if a thief knows what they're doing. 45 seconds, that's all it took for Marlowe to attach a wheel lift from start to finish. He said it doesn't take much longer if the flatbed is involved.

"If you have to load something on a flatbed, like a four wheel drive or an all wheel drive, it takes about 2 and half minutes to put the bed down and load it," said Marlowe.

Marlowe said anyone that picks up a car for recycle must carry a vehicle removal license. He said enforcing that law could put a stop to such crimes. As for Jackson, Marlowe said he's keeping his eyes peeled.

"It's to our advantage that everyone in our business is doing things legally, properly, reporting and licensed, and when those people aren't they take away from our business," said Marlowe.

Jackson, who's on probation, last lived in the Communities Of Southwood on Tifton Court.

Police said if you have information about his whereabouts, or witness him towing a vehicle, call 911.

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