Tips for surviving allergy season

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you've been sneezing and rubbing your eyes a lot lately, you are not alone. Allergy specialist, Dr. Ananth Thyagarajan says a recent survey showed Richmond was the eighth worst city in the country for allergies.

Children and adults should look for symptoms beyond the sneezing like, nasal congestions, sore throat, vocal changes, itchy watery and painful eyes, and asthma.

"A lot of people with asthma could have really scary exacerbations of their disease, trouble breathing, wheezing, and coughing that go along with pollen season," said Thyagarajan.

There are three types of treatment. Avoidance - closing all windows in your car and home. Then medication - buying over the counter drugs to ease the symptoms and allergy shots.

"Of those three only allergy shots offer the potential for cure and they are the most effective treatment," said Thyagarajan.

Allergy shots can take up to 5 years. Another thing to remember is doctors don't recommend you double up on different kinds of allergy medicine.

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