Small plane crashes at RIC, pilot in critical condition

Source: Troy Bell, RIC
Source: Troy Bell, RIC
Source: Troy Bell, RIC
Source: Troy Bell, RIC

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) –  New images and details are emerging from Monday night's plane crash at RIC, but -for now- investigators are still mystified as to what caused it.

The pilot was identified as Anthony Carr, 24, from Richmond, who suffered life threatening burns.

New pictures -provided by the airport- show just how bad the wreckage looked after the apparent accident at RIC.

It was Monday. 9:30 p.m. The twin engine aircraft took off, and then moments later came crashing down. The ensuing fireball burned almost everything, including the pilot, Anthony Carr, who was hurt badly. Tonight, he remains at VCU Medical Center's burn unit.

Almost a day later, the scene is now clear. Normal operations at RIC were barely disrupted, and everything was hauled away early Tuesday morning. The wreckage was taken away on a flatbed truck to Richmond Jet Center where nearly the only people who have access to it are the ones investigating.

That would be the FAA, which could provide little new information so soon after the crash.

The pilot was flying what's called a "PA-31", or Piper Navajo. It reaches speeds of 200 miles per hour, with a range of 800 miles. Its owner, Airnet, of Columbus, OH, claims to be the third largest air cargo airline in the U.S. Other than Anthony Carr, its believed only small packages were onboard.

So what caused the plane to go down? That remains under investigation, and the FAA said it could take  weeks or even months to get an answer.

An Airnet spokesperson would not comment on where the plane was going.

At last check, pilot Anthony Carr was listed in critical condition.

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