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What is Memory Care?

1. Memory care is a program designed to support persons living with Alzheimer's disease or a dementia related illness.  Every resident's needs are unique.  This group of residents have specialized programming and the environment has a neighborhood feeling.  Memory Care programs are suited just for people with dementia where their environment should not be overly stimulating.  They often cannot process many tasks and need a simply living environment with fewer choices.  Consistent staffing makes for better program continuity.  The residents' ability to manage choices determines what program options might best suit their preferences.  Would I rather go outside today or stay in and participate in an activity? 

2. Shop different facilities and programs to see what might be best suited for your loved one.  Some facilities are larger and some offer smaller group environments.  Prior to admission to the Hermitage's Memory Care program, McGuire Park, residents are assessed by our McGuire Park program manager (who is also a certified recreation therapist), a nurse, and social worker to determine if they are a candidate for McGuire Park admission.  McGuire Park is based on a social model of care.  This gives support and structure to our residents' daily lives. 

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