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Are all Assisted Living communities alike?

1. Different communities may define "Assisted Living" differently -- make sure any community you consider matches your understanding.  You should also be aware of how the community plans to provide the assistance you require as your needs change.  And perhaps most important, you should be aware of what things are important to you in order to feel independent -- driving a car?  Preparing meals or snacks?  Entertaining friends?  Getting out into the community?

2. Many people find themselves at a time of life when their ability to drive and connect with friends and families is diminished.  This frequently leads to depression, poor eating habits, isolation, and other problems that reduce their quality of life.  Assisted living at The Hermitage is designed to combat this danger by providing programs and activities that help residents connect with the greater community and enjoy a richer social and mental life.  Many residents find that not only does their physical health improve on entering the Hermitage, but their emotional and mental health improves as well.

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