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How do you determine one's level of care?

1. Finding the appropriate level of care for you is a key ingredient in enhancing your loved ones' quality of life. Residents are assessed and evaluated by the assisted living community to determine what the residents needs are, and ensure that the community can meet the residents needs. This is done through an interview with the resident and family members, therapists, and/or physical therapists via functional assessments.

2. Based on the assessment, ones level of care is determined.  Those levels may vary from resident to resident and may affect your monthly care fees. 

3. At The Hermitage, each resident is an active participant in the team that assesses and monitors their care level.  Decisions are made with ongoing input from residents, family members, physical and occupational therapists, healthcare professionals, and other key staff members.  A formalized process uses multiple evaluation tools to make sure decisions are in the best interests of our residents.

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