City auditor releases findings in overtime probe

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Nearly $13,000! Details released today on a Richmond audit said that's how much the city dolled out in overtime that wasn't actually worked. Nine city employees are now facing a criminal charge.

City Auditor Umesh Dalal released two reports today. The nine workers are accused of blatantly padding their time sheets. Plus, Dalal said full eight hour shifts weren't entirely worked.

The nine city employees accused in the overtime scheme, including three facing felonies, were each put under surveillance.

According to one report by the city auditor: between last October 13th and March 4th of this year, a water department trades supervisor, identified as Clinny Crochet, and two pipeline techs overstated their overtime.

For example: the report shows: Crochet was paid just over $4200 for 370 hours in overtime, but actually worked 209 hours in OT.

Between January 31st and March 4th, gas department trades supervisor, Linwood Garrett, and a pipeline technician were watched by investigators.

The report reveals Garrett was paid $461 for 27 hours of overtime but actually worked 12 hours in OT.

In total: the audit said the utilities department dolled out nearly $7,700 in overpayments.

The report states accused workers in both utilities told investigators management routinely approved overtime without question and claimed overtime abuse was common practice for years in DPU.

The public works department overpaid more than $5,000 in overtime during a traffic signal light replacement project.

Six traffic signal specialists were watched over nine days in January and February.  Investigators found the workers defrauded the city by charging twice the overtime hours actually worked.

City Auditor Umesh Dalal said this investigation has prompted a comprehensive audit of the entire department. That could take about two to three months.

One of the nine workers charged is expected in court at the end of the week. The rest have court dates later this month and in May.

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