Outlaw's president sentenced to 20 years

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The national president of the Outlaws motorcycle gang will spend the next 20 years in prison. Jack Rosga of Milwaukee was sentenced for racketeering and conspiracy to commit violence.

Judge Henry Hudson told Jack Rosga quote: "as the president, you are the architect of this culture of violence." The feds say the group came to Virginia, even set up a secret clubhouse in Petersburg to expand their territory and start a war with rival, the Hell's Angels.

The feds say the American Outlaws Association, or the AOA lived by a code of violence encouraged by national president 54-year-old Jack Rosga.

The Outlaws were trying to expand their territory into Virginia and recruit new members for a Petersburg clubhouse. Those new members ended up being undercover ATF agents who wore wires and recorded conversations…building the government's case.

They say Rosga gave orders for assaults and violence, and members followed, even leading to a show down with a rival biker gang at a Petersburg bar. A fight broke out on the street. It ended when the cops showed up.

In all, 27 members were rounded up in the fed's national crackdown. Two were acquitted.

"I'm just glad to go home and get out here so I can go home to see my grand kids," said Mark Spradling, acquitted Outlaw member.

17 other pled guilty. Rosga fought the charges. US attorney Neil MacBride said in a phone interview, "the goal was to put them out of business."

Rosga attorneys said this afternoon they plan to appeal both the sentence and the conviction. Rosga was tried twice by the feds. The first case ended in a mistrial when jurors couldn't reach a verdict. The second trial lasted two weeks and jurors convicted Rosga after two days of deliberations.

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