Two women rescued from James downtown

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Two women were rescued after being stranded on a rock in the James River this morning around 8 a.m. It happened near South 12th Street and Haxall Point near the Manchester Bridge, Blackfinn restaurant and the Troutman Sanders Building.

We're told the women were camping out for the night. They both should be okay.

In the video our camera shot this morning, you can see one of the two women stranded on the rock. The water raging around her. It took about 30 minutes but crews were able to safely bring of the women to shore in a rescue boat.

Rescue crews tell us the two were out camping for the night and the water just got too high for them to make it back.

"This is one of the times of the year we know our water rescues are going to be on the rise because of the weather," says Lt. Shawn Jones.

So, rescue crews are prepared and ready. "We did some training last week. So, that training came in handy today as it does always," adds Jones.

You may remember last July, when 13 people formed a human chain to save a woman in the river. But the situation was different earlier that month, when a 40 year old woman drowned. We're told hat victim was not wearing a life jacket and did not know how to swim.

This all shows just how dangerous the water can be.

Right now, river levels are above 5 feet and its expected to remain at least that high through the weekend.

"So a personal flotation device is required and make sure it's a coast guard approved flotation device," says Jones.

You can find out just how high the water level is on the James by calling this number before you head out. That number is 646-8228.

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