Less than 24 hours until government shutdown deadline

Posted by Shawn Maclauchlan

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The countdown to a possible government shutdown is growing short, and there's still no deal to fund operations through September.

Key negotiators were up overnight trying to work a compromise. Aides say progress is being made, but there is still no deal in the works.

They are trying to agree on how much federal spending to slash and where to cut.

Most Virginians won't see any effects if a deal isn't reached, but some people could be forced to take time off or wait to get paid.

Governor McDonnel says all state functions will continue no matter what happens with the federal government. What is impacted depends on how long the shutdown lasts.

If it happens and extends into next week, some federal government employees would be furloughed — that means an increase in work for employees at the state employment commission.

A spokesperson for the VEC says there are more than 170,000 federal government employees in Virginia, so they would have that many claims to take care of.

Those in the military could also see a delay in pay if congress doesn't strike a deal by midnight, but the vast majority of Virginians will not see an impact.

The distribution of Social Security, Medicare and unemployment payments would not change, and the Federal Reserve, which has an office in Richmond, would not be impacted.

Also, passport fairs scheduled at several places around the area for tomorrow are a go.

The postal service says it will be business as usual, and employees will continue to accept those passport applications.

What could be impacted is how long it takes you to get it, since that's determined by the Department of State.

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