Reaction to nine city workers accused of falsifying time sheets

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - New information about an investigation involving nine Richmond city workers accused of falsifying their time sheets. One councilman calls the matter, unfortunate.

Friday, we may have a better understanding of what auditors at City Hall uncovered.

The nine public works or public utilities employees accused of billing the city for overtime they didn't work, couldn't be tracked down Thursday.

Felony arrest warrants obtained by NBC12 show the date range of the alleged crimes from January to March of this year.

"For a long, long time I've felt very strongly that DPW and DPU have had very lax policies when it comes to how they handle working out of the shop," said Councilman Bruce Tyler.

Three are charged with felony obtaining money by false pretense. They're identified as Clinny Crochet, Robert Garrett and Richard Acors.

The other six, identified as Jimmie Hoke, Earl Sibley, Melton Woodson, Sr., Theodore Wynne, Michael Maxey and Christopher Spain, face a misdemeanor charge.

That's because the dollar amounts involved are different said Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Mike Hollomon.

Regardless, Richmond councilman Bruce Tyler said taxpayers shouldn't have to put up with this. Tyler said better tools need to be in place to keep it from happening again.

"You have folks who  get to know each other and they think about ways to do these things to have 9 folks involved doesn't surprise me I think it's human nature to say hey I'll scratch your back you scratch mine and no one will know the difference," said Tyler.

The mayor's office said the administration worked with the city auditor to bring the matter to justice.

"It's unfortunate everybody gets tarred with that brush and there's no way around that and there are a lot of hard dedicated workers in city hall," said Tyler.

The city auditor's office is expected to release its findings Friday after meeting with the mayor's administration.

None of the suspects are in jail.  Each has court dates later this month and in May.

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