Gas prices still soaring

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Filling up your tank is only getting more painful as gas prices continuing to soar, but you may have noticed the price can vary dramatically from station to station.

Many of us are creatures of habit and may go to the gas station around the corner to fill up, but not looking around could cost you a lot of money. You can pay up to thirty cents a gallon less just by driving a few extra blocks.

Drivers like Cedric Young say the prices can change in a flash.

"I looked at the prices on my way to work and then I looked at them on my way home from work and it was 15 cents more," he said.  "They tend to jump at any moment."

AAA says Richmonders are now paying an average of 3.63 for a gallon of gas - thirteen cents more than a week ago. Janis Yoho says she's noticed a lot of stations with prices much higher and much lower than that average.

"It's ranged everywhere from the 3.70's to what I just paid which was 3.57," Yoho said.

Yoho paid 3.57 at the Shell on West Broad, but if you drive a quarter of a mile down the road, that same gallon of gas costs twelve cents more.

William Bey says he now drives around and keeps a close eye on gas prices to make sure he's not paying too much at the pump.

"Every station I ride by I always check the prices and see where they are," he said.  "(I) see what the price is. If I need gas I'll stop in and get some."

The good news is Richmonders pay about ten cents less than the national average, but the bad news is prices aren't coming down anytime soon. AAA says prices should continue to rise as the summer driving season kicks into high gear - not what most drivers want to hear.

"It's crazy," Young said.  "I don't know, it's killing me. I'm sure it's killing everybody."

Nationally, Virginia is right in the middle at number 20 for cheapest gas.