Get more out of your estate sale

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - "We provide exposure like Sotheby's and Christies, we provide experts like Antiques Roadshow, we provide ease of access like eBay," said David Staples, Managing Member of is an online auction site that puts local treasures in front of a global bidding audience.

"We like to tell people that we're easy, expert, ethical, effective, efficient, economical and by the way profitable," Staples said.

Clients include families and businesses alike. The goal is to save sellers time, effort and stress, while turning a bigger profit.

"We make them money and we save them money because we can help them sell an awful lot of things that they might have otherwise thrown away or given away," he said.

The staff will come to the property, take inventory, photograph and catalog everything, then conveniently post it all online. But here's your local buying advantage: the public can preview the items for one day at the property before the online auction.

"You get to actually see, feel, touch the merchandise," Staples said.

Unlike eBay, continues taking bids after an auction is scheduled to close -- waiting until four minutes pass without a new bid. About 80% of the merchandise is won by online bidders which can increase the potential to make you more profit.

"Typically sellers with our process make around one and a half to 3 times as much as they would with other processes," said Staples.

The treasury department even trusted to liquidate more than one thousand items from bank deposit boxes that have gone unclaimed.

"You would not believe what ends up in the treasury vaults," he said.

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