You might be overpaying for an Innsbrook Afterhours ticket

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – If you plan on attending a concert at Innsbrook After Hours, make sure you're not over paying and that you're really on the Innsbrook website.

Promoters say there are web sites out there charging sometimes double or triple of what it charges for tickets. We recently got an email from a viewer complaining about one of those sites.

Laruin Willis is a promoter for Innsbrook After Hours. He's not happy about when he receives from concert goers nearly being duped into buying tickets from what they thought was the official Innsbrook website.

"Some of the responses I have gotten are, you have gone way up on your ticket prices we are not going to your shows. Why did I pay so much more for the same concert that a friend of mine just paid 16.50 cents for. It hurts our business because people think that we are the ones that are charging these fees for these tickets," he says.

The web sites are ticket resellers, they basically buy and resale tickets. It's perfectly legal -- Innsbrook's big issue is with sites that uses its name -- and a similar URL or web page. Willis says, "When they attempt to be deceptive that is where we have the problem."

One site Innsbrook has a problem with iInnsbrook-after-hours-tickets dot com. The sites have similar names but look totally different -- and so are the prices. Tickets on the official Innsbrook site for a Lynrd Skynrd concert will cost you about 25-bucks. On the i-Innsbrook-after-hour-tickets site -- tickets start at 82- dollars and go up to over 300.

Willis says, "In general when a patron shows up on a ticket website they are able to tell that they are not on the Innsbrook after hours website. on this website, they are unable to distinguish. An untrained eye would be unable to distinguish that they are on a ticket reselling website and would think we are just charging exorbitant prices for our tickets."

We reached out to the website in question but haven't gotten a response.

"We have been in contact with the people from the website stating our concerns and we have sent letters through our legal department about them using our name in their URL and on their website. They pretty much said their attorneys handle it," Willis says.

Remember, when you type in Innsbrook After Hours in Google, a number of other ticket resale sites will pop up -- but there is only one official Innsbrook site. Promoters also say keep in mind one important factor when buying your next concert tickets. "If they see ticket prices they think are unreasonable, chances are they are not on our website," Willis says.

If you buy the tickets and discover they are not from Innsbrook's site, promoters say outside of being stuck with a really expensive ticket, the only other recourse is to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. If you have a question about ticket price, click here for a link to Innsbrook's website.

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