Neighbors honor community handyman

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Chesterfield's Buckingham Wood is a small condo community of mostly seniors. Retirees -- who like Mary Kline -- have come to rely on the handyman skills of neighbor Ray Ellis.

"He always finds something to do or someone to help. He is Mr. Fix It," Mary said. "My garage door was acting up; he came over to help me see what was wrong. He has fixed washers on my faucets."

Mary revealed a long list of some Ray's repairs like when her closet rack collapsed.

"I had all my clothes on it, it fell down, he came over and he put it back up for me. He will change all the light bulbs in street lights and the clubhouse. If something minor needs to be done at the pool he'll go," she said. "We've recently been sick and every day he would ring the bell and bring the mail while we were sick. He is very deserving because he does so much for everybody."

"Here's $100, $200, $300, for Mr. Fix it" said Sabrina Squire.

Mary leads the way and we quickly find Ray lending a hand to neighbor Bob.

Mary Kline: "Hey Ray."
Ray Ellis: "Hey Mary."
Mary Kline: "We have something special for you. Well, we think Ray does so much for the community that he deserves a special thing."
Ray Ellis: "Come on."
Mary Kline: "You help us so much, you put papers at doors, and you change light bulbs. You help anybody that needs help even when somebody falls you're there to pick them up."
Bob: "He just helped me."
Mary Kline: "He helped you. Yeah helps so much in the neighborhood that we think that you so such special things that you're special so we're gonna present you with $300."
Ray Ellis: "What? For what? I don't deserve this."
Mary Kline: "Yes you do."
Ray Ellis: "I just do what I love to do and help people."

Ray tells me him and his wife of 55 years love helping with their great-grandkids and their great neighbors.

"Thank you Mary," Ray said.

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