Six arrested following VCU loss in Final Four

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - New information about the riot following the VCU Rams' loss in the Final Four. Six people have been arrested for disorderly conduct, including a VCU  student.

Our legal expert tells me a disorderly conduct charge is a way for police to diffuse a bad situation, but it's a charge that's difficult to prove. The only woman charged tells me all she wanted was peace that night.

Peaceful  it wasn't, more like chaos with fire and shattered windows. The riot simmered down by tear gas, rubber bullets and arrests. Six in total, including 22-year-old Andrew Kotsch, the only VCU student.

The five others were identified by Richmond police as 19-year-old James Maitland, IV, 24-year-old Lauren Richeson, 21-year-old Joel Torreyson, 21-year-old Thomas Paxman and 19-year-old Dylan Dawson.

"I heard people were throwing stuff at the cops and I just think that's really unnecessary. It didn't need to happen," said VCU freshman Becca Tobin.

"It definitely did get out of control but I don't know if they should be arrested for it," said VCU freshman Emiline Schroeder.

We looked for the six arrested for an explanation. But could only reach Lauren Richeson, the only woman arrested, through Facebook.

Richeson tells me all she wanted was some peace, that's why she stood there. Richeson added she hoped the charge would be dropped. A possibility, said NBC12 legal expert Steven Benjamin.

Benjamin said disorderly conduct is when police take people off the street and no other charge will stick.

"In any situation like that you can have certain ring leaders, certain kids who are acting dumber than all the others who need to be removed from the equation," said Benjamin.

The one VCU student arrested could also face disciplinary action from the university, including expulsion, if convicted.

VCU released a statement: it reads in part: "We are disappointed one of our students is among the six people arrested, but we appreciate the overwhelming majority of VCU students, employees, alumni, and fans behaved responsibly."

Disorderly conduct is a misdemeanor charge. Each of the six arrested were given tickets.  They'll appear in court later this month.

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