UPDATE: Electrical odor may have prompted reaction

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Fire crews are working to figure out if something inside a bank made four employees sick.

The M & T bank in the 3100 block of West Broad Street was evacuated around noon on Monday. It all started when four bank employees became sick, locked up the building, and then called 911.

Richmond Fire Lt. Shawn Jones says fire crews completed air quality tests and checked the air handling system and both came back normal. There was an electrical odor in the area and maybe that prompted their reactions.

Jones said their symptoms were watery eyes and sore throats.  Fire has cleared the scene and turned the building back over to maintenance personnel.

However, this incident did lead to another--one of the employees drove herself to Patient First at 7238 Mechanicsville Turnpike for medical treatment.  The City notified Hanover Fire and EMS and they met her there.

Hanover Fire Chief Willie Jones said she was required to change her clothes and take a shower before being transported to the hospital which is protocol to prevent further contamination.  He said she complained her skin was breaking out.

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