Fan businesses prepare for rowdy Rams fans

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Rowdy Rams fans beware! Local business owners are working with police to make sure none of their property gets damaged and no one gets hurt after the game. Some are removing things outside their business that can be used as projectiles after an urging from police.

The excitement in the streets last weekend could get crazier Saturday after the game. Businesses along Broad and Grace Street in the Fan have been warned. Police are telling them to be ready for anything after Saturday's NCAA game.

"I think it's really considerate of the VCU Police to be looking out for all the neighbors," said Ipanema Café owner, Kendra Feather. "I don't think any of us have a blueprint for this kind of success with a sporting event."

At Ipanema Café, just a block over from the scene on Broad Street after VCU's last win, the owner is hoping fans don't get too rowdy.

"That happens a lot," said Feather. "Young people, maybe their drinking...that's just what they do. On a regular weekend they pull our flower pots out and throw them in the middle of the street or take our sandwich sign."

The business owners say the sign that VCU Police passed out asked them to secure their tables and chairs. These businesses are taking notice before Saturday's big game.

"If you leave your tables unlocked at night it's the same as if you leave your bike unlocked at night in the city. It will disappear," said Feather.

Next door, they're anticipating a scene worse than last week. Despite the warning from police encouraging them to remove their signs from out front, they're hoping theirs stay intact.

"Hopefully it's all in good spirits and good fun and nothing really traumatic happens," said Skyteam Entertainment owner, David Bouknight.

Just to give you an idea of how rowdy these fans could get, there's talk of VCU students planning to burn couches after the game. You should know that police will be out in full force tomorrow night to make sure people are celebrating or mourning responsibly.

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