Hydrant flushing project gets underway Sunday in Chesterfield

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – If you see a fire hydrant gushing, or the water from your faucet slows or stops, or just looks funny-- county officials say don't worry- it's all part of the process. Charlie Quaiff is in charge of Chesterfield's water distribution system.

"We have a very good, high-quality drinking water in our system, and I think this is one of the reasons why we're able to do that," Quaiff said.

What they're doing is opening hydrants, and letting the high-pressure water flow scour the insides of the water pipes, removing sediment. The county tries to do it once a year. The target area is the southern part of the county- south of Route 360 toward Colonial Heights and including the Enon and Matoaca-Ettrick communities.

As for those possible side-effects, Quaiff says they may not occur at all; but if they do, they're only temporary. Water pressure should return to normal when the work stops- the same goes for any water discoloration or cloudiness.

"If they wake up in the morning and they still see the discolored water coming out of the faucet, we recommend they flush it for about two or three minutes- that should do it, just to clean the pipes out in the plumbing of the home," he said.

If the problem persists, call the Department of Utilities.

If you live in the northern part of the county, you haven't been left out: the department typically flushes the system there in the fall. The flushing project starts this Sunday. The work will last from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m., Sunday through Thursday, for the next two weeks.

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