Police take precautions for a postgame celebration

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Thousands of people poured onto Broad Street last Sunday when VCU knocked out Kansas. Could it happen again when VCU takes on Butler? Although they say crowds have been well-behaved for the most part, University and Richmond Police are preparing in case celebrations end up on the street Saturday night. There will be extra officers on patrol.

The men's basketball team is now getting face time on Broad Street. VCU senior Maya Jordan snapped a photo.

"I feel like I attend the Harvard of Virginia. That's what it feels like. It's a great feeling of accomplishment for someone going out into the real world. I don't have to explain to people oh I go to VCU, it's in Richmond, they know now," Maya said.

Rams Fever is everywhere you turn. From the banners pinned to light posts to words of support etched on windows.

"I get emails and phone calls from people in Wyoming, and California and Texas. You know send us VCU gear! We're loving this," said student Nathan Baker.

And so are die-hard fans. They filled Broad Street Sunday...a crush of thousands chanting, cheering, pure joy and hysteria.

"It was crazy. People going up roofs, climbing up traffic lights it was crazy," Christopher Maji said.

"I know like, you know it was all like whooooo! Let's flip a car and stuff, but big shoutout to VCU and Richmond police they kept us as safe as they could," Isaac Booth said today.

VCU, Richmond, even State Police are making a plan Saturday in case VCU shocks the world again. There will be parking restrictions on Broad- last time fans climbed on vehicles.

Police sources tell NBC12, they are even considering greasing up poles to make sure nobody can climb up. Police will once again try to direct large crowds towards Monroe Park.

"Oh yes I'm running out just like I did the last two times. I live right around the corner so just phhh.. right onto Broad Street," said LaJeanne McKinney.

Police declined to be interviewed for our story. A VCU spokesperson says police want to let people celebrate, but they also want to make sure people are safe and property is not destroyed.

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