VCU lives in Bracket Town

HOUSTON, TX (WWBT) - The VCU Rams have now been in Houston for a full day and as they prepare for the big game, fans from Richmond are slowly starting to sprinkle in to town.

The city is something like a "Basketball Disneyworld" with all kinds of activities for fans of all ages.

One big attraction is in downtown Houston. It's called "bracket town". The Houston convention center has been turned into heaven for basketball fans.

Bracket town is really something incredible; it has something for everyone, even people who don't necessarily like basketball. But one thing is for sure; everywhere you go you find VCU black and gold.

The Voung family, from Houston was honest, before last weekend they had never heard of VCU.

"Had you ever heard of VCU before the Final Four?" I asked.

While his wife sheepishly mouthed the word, David quietly said "No".

The Voungs are like most of America outside of Virginia, but their ignorance of the school, the Commonwealth and Richmond are no more, and one glance around Houston Texas makes that clear.

"I know beforehand people were like where is that, where is Richmond?" Mindee Coulter said while making a face. "I think now with all the publicity before are starting to understand that VCU is in Richmond."

And that instant connection now with who VCU is, for even the casual basketball fan is something directly attributable to the Final Four.  A level of competition the city has never seen.

There is no doubt that every win for Virginia has been big in the tournament, but there is nothing like the final four, something you first recognize when you walk into Bracket Town. That is when it really hits you VCU has hit the big time.

"The first thing you see when you walk in is the huge board with all the schools on it and seeing VCU's  symbol up there with the other schools as the Final Four it was just incredible," said Mitchell Davis an alum in town for the game.

They are all excited about an incredible ride, that isn't over quite yet.

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