Final Four or bust!

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Houston or bust! Some Rams fans are going to some serious lengths to make it to the see their team in action. They tell us they bought tickets for only $25 through their school and it comes with a free four night stay in a hotel. So as you can imagine this is deal just too good to miss!

VCU fans are doing just about anything to make it to Houston to see their team play in the Final Four. But on the road to Texas they hit a few speed bumps.

"There's the gas money issue, there's the space issue," said VCU student, Dawn Godbolt.

These issues have forced Godbolt and a few others to solicit for rides or gas money by any means necessary.

"Mom, I hope you're not listening," said Godbolt. "I put an ad on Craigslist and I said hey Richmond are any other Rams going to Houston? Let's all ride together."

They're not afraid of putting their lives in danger to attend the game.

"That's not going to happen," said Godbolt. "I have the optimism of youth. The Rams are clearly lucky because we are the Cinderella team for Final Four. We're going! We're going!"

The high cost of gas is just one of the many things keeping people from making it to Houston for the Final Four. But for some, splitting the cost and spending 22 hours in the car with a complete stranger is worth it to see the game live.

"If it was someone who seemed fine, someone from VCU, yeah I would have ridden with them," said VCU student, Kevin Barbour.

"We're not strangers! We're Rams!" said Godbolt.

With no money and no extra space in her small coupe, Godbolt and anyone traveling with her is forced to pack light.

"We're not bringing luggage because the only thing you need is your Rams gear!"

These college basketball fans must head out on the road no later than Friday morning so they'll make it to Houston in time for the game.

We're just days away from the big game on Saturday. We Mapquested it and it's about a 22 hour drive from here to Houston so these students almost have no other choice at this point. They're hoping to find a ride or gas money within the next few hours.

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