Families of two cold cases banding together

GOOCHLAND, VA (WWBT) – The families of the victims in two Goochland cold cases want the public to know the killers are still out there. They're banding together to get justice and support for anyone else who could be in their shoes.

Christina Maxwell and Jennifer Waldrop's stories vary greatly. What bonds them is a tragic, unexpected loss with no explanation. Now, they're coming together in search of answers.

Jennifer Waldrop found her mother Joan shot to death in her Busy Bee Realty office on Route 250 in Goochland seven and a half years ago.

"It's been hell since then, absolute hell," she said.

Christina Maxwell's 17-year-old son Billy was found dead in the middle of that same road just six months ago. His cause of death is listed as a crushing head injury, something that could come from being run over but no one has been arrested.

The lead detective in Billy's case told NBC12 the Goochland Sheriffs Office has followed up on every single lead it's found, but has only gotten to dead ends. He said someone out there has to know what happened here that morning."

"It makes your mind race at night," Maxwell said. "You can't sleep, just all the thoughts that will go through your mind."

Jennifer had been coming into the café where Christina works for years but felt a special connection when Billy was killed.

"When you lose a loved one to a heart attack or a stroke, it's horrible," she said. "It's devastating but you know why they're taken and you know why they're gone. We don't have that and there's not too many people who understand our emotions and how we feel."

That shoulder to cry on has helped through heartbreaking times. Now, the two are hoping to start a support group for the families of crime victims. They say no one knows what this kind of tragedy is like, until it hits the people you love.

"Goochland needs one," Maxwell explained. "You've got not only us but other victims out there also."

The reward for information in Jennifer's mother's case is $10,000. The Maxwells are holding a motorcycle ride to raise money for a reward in Billy's case. It is scheduled for May.

If you have information that could help in the Busy Bee Realty case, call Virginia State Police at 553-3445. To reach the Goochland Sheriff's Office, call 556-5349.

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