Chesterfield supervisors rank 22 road projects on priority list

Chesterfield County supervisors just approved its roadwork wish list.  On the list, 22 projects that range from expanding roads to improving highway interchanges.   But VDOT has to sign off on the projects that could improve your commute.

The most expensive project on the list: interchange improvements at Route 288 and Hull Street Road. At a cost of $72 million, it tops Chesterfield's list of "to-do" road work.

From Centralia Road to the Powhite Parkway, county decision-makers want to see an upgrade. And so does Derek DeLotto. The current condition of some pavement causes him physical pain.

"I have a bad neck and bad back so every little bump kind of gets to me," said DeLotto.

With the just approved annual list in hand, Derek eyed his top choice.

"To see fixed up or widened," asked DeLotto.  "It would definitely be Midlothian Turnpike, Route 60. Part of it is only two lanes at some parts, it's just a funnel."

The projects highest up on the list: improvements at Route 288 and Hull Street Road.  During rush hour, traffic is at a stand still as cars scoot off the highway. The county says it's a safety hazard.  Adding lanes to Midlothian Turnpike, the Powhite Parkway and Iron Bridge Road round out the top spots.

"What's it going to cost," questioned Renee Moss.  "What's it going to do to people that drive these roads everyday? Is there going to be a lot of delay?"

To answer Renee's concerns: each jurisdiction in the Richmond area sends a priority list to VDOT which covers the cost.  VDOT will then prioritize projects over the next six years.

After listening to driver complaints and looking at traffic volume, Chesterfield's supervisors made their rankings.  NBC12 learned VDOT already gave some projects the green light.

The total cost for nearly two dozen priority projects: more than $400 million.

        COST IN
Route 288 Interchange Improvement Route 360   $72
Route 60 6 Lanes Courthouse Rd. Old Buckingham Rd. $16
Powhite  Parkway  4 Lanes East of Charter Colony Pkwy. Brandermill Pkwy. $10
Route 10 6 Lanes Bermuda Triangle Rd Meadowville Rd. $30
Route 10 6 Lanes Route 1 I-95 $4
Route 360 8 Lanes Winterpock Rd. Woodlake Village Parkway $15
Route 10 6 Lanes Route 288 Frith Ln $14
Route 360 6 Lanes Route 288 Genito Rd $18
Route 360 6 Lanes Woodlake Village Parkway Otterdale  Rd. $25
Huguenot  Road 6 Lanes Route 60 Alverser Dr. $4
Route 1 Intersection Improvement Old Bermuda Hundred Rd.   $5
Centralia  Road  3 Lanes Nott Ln Chester Rd. $25
  Interchange Improvement,      
Rt 288  Northwest Loop Chester Rd   $3
New Freeways: Prel. Engr. & Right-of-Way      
A. Powhite Pkwy Ext   A. Charter Colony Pkwy. A. Route 360 A. $4
B. East/West   B. Route 360 B. I-95 B. $9
C. North/South   C. East/West Freeway C. I-85 C. $3
Powhite Parkway 4 Lanes,      
Extended At-grade Intersections Route 288 Woolridge Rd Ext  $26
Signalization Var.  Locations (see below) Countywide   $3
Sight & Sound Powhite Pkwy.,  Countywide   $50
Barriers Route 288      
  Various Locations      
Park/Ride Commuter Countywide   $2
Facilities Parking Lots      
Powhite Pkwy  Removal Tolls (see below) Chippenham Pkwy. Route 288 $63.8
High Speed Rail      Chesterfield             --
Route 360        
Commuter Bus   Spring Run Road City of Richmond $0.4/year
I-295 Loops Meadowville Rd.   $20