Man charged with running Fan District meth house

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Richmond man, who lives in The Fan, has been charged with running a meth lab in a house in the 2200 block of Park Avenue. He has been arrested and is awaiting a hearing tomorrow morning.

In the quiet Fan District, all the talk is about the possibility of a meth house.

Investigators say Stephan Hahne, 44, is at the center of it all. An indictment shows Hahne allowed dealers to run an interstate meth business out of his home, with the meth received, stored, distributed and used here. Prosecutors say it happened from 2007-08.

NBC12 knocked on Hahne's door, but no one answered.

Investigators say Hahne allowed meth dealers to live and stay in his home for reduced or no rent.

Jesse Smith lives nearby. She actually knew of the people living in the home. "He made mention of the fact that one of them was using drugs but didn't give us a whole lot of details."

Jesse says that man has since moved out. She isn't sure if he was involved.

Bill Montgomery also lives nearby. He walks past Hahne's home nearly everyday. "We walk to school everyday with my kids and my dog. Kind of bizarre it happened in the Fan. It's a lovely neighborhood."

Jesse did tell she knew something was up at Hahne's home. "They are loud, loud fights there. Other than that, just weird behavior."

Hahne's was arrested at his home by DEA agents on Monday afternoon, without incident.

Jesse said she and her neighbors noticed police at Hahne's home a few days ago.

"Until there is something more concrete and proven, we have to just withhold judgement," adds Bill.

Prosecutors are trying to force Hahne to give us up his home as a result of the investigation.

Hahne is scheduled to be Federal Court Thursday morning at 9 a.m.

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